this is a chance

its so hard for us to agree
that the two of us cannot be
is this because
i am one and you are both?
oh i dont want to let go

but i may have to realize
that to be sincere
the time you've got is not much
and this world feels like my stage
and some of them try to touch

the things that we have done
terrifying may they seem
but when you ask my friends
i was everything i could be

so tell me one more time
when did we become enemies
if I dont call you
you wont know I exist

you forgot everything
we took too much i mean
im leaving just in time
im leaving just in time


we met at a sacred place
where everything is real
makes you strong
you and I become us

don't you see?
how we are unique, oh darling
yeah we're unique
we can't misspeak

we share our souls, and do magic
that makes us free
and if we share the love we feel
I hope doesn't make  us weak

that's why we are unique
oh darling, yeah
we are unique
and if we keep up to it
someday they may be free
let me boil us right now
so it won't be toxic anymore
the sweet venom of this young love


the hopes and states of love
Is the magic around making us believe
We're able to do it
To live a dream
A dream that ain't gonna come true
A dream where, it really does
You and me
We become us. 


This song is for you babe

me and you
we were fine
and you had to run away
i'm not satisfied with your hate

I can't tell how bad I felt
when you told me
you didn't care
everything was so right

the day you met me, my fingers crossed
I couldn't survive
It's your lying world where you're mine

you mean something i can't deny
so precious so new
so beautiful so true

now I get your truly intentions

I'm just a shadow inside your mind
Making you feel nervous
but you've preferred to decline

I had to trust myself
but my thoughts combined
now I'm standing at your feet
how fucking blind (was I)

now I get your truly intentions
I'm just a shadow inside your mind
making you feel nervous
but you've preferred to decline

so transparent I am
how close you are
you killed my soul
shot my heart

did you want me to die?

now I get your truly intentions
I'm just a shadow inside your mind
making you feel nervous
but you've preferred to decline

now I get your truly intentions
I'm just a shadow inside your mind
making you feel safe though
but you only stole what was mine.


I can not make you believe at all, but I can make you fly above. Don't worry for the other things, I'm on it.
I don't know if I was sure, I can't know how much happier I would have been, but I can tell you how much I feel when you are near, how much blood I could bleed if you'd hurt me.
Touch my hands, and you see. I touched and I was, I was burned. Oh I think you should know.
Your eyes and your smile make me feel klein, wie eine Schmetterling, die nicht fliegen kann. Doch bin ich verrückt, weil du mich verändert hast. Ich bin nicht sicher, oh man Ich konnte gar nie im Leben sicher sein, because you are so you, so you that I can't tell. But your eyes, your hair, your smell, makes me remind, of something I've forgotten yet.
Don't cry at night, because I love you. Don't be nice, because I lied to you. I won't always be here, I'm sure, but I'll be always be there for you, babe.


Kill my lungs, fuck my heart, say whatever you want. Stop shaking your memories, it's harassing me. Tell me to go away, tell me I'm your fucking arctic hare.
Try to fall out there, where nothing bears. Break my mind up and share, all your twisted melodies with notes and chores you will never understand. Wenn du etwas merken würdest, sollte ich mit dir treffen, und alles wird daran fangen zu fallen.
Wo bist du? Wo kann man sagen, dass du nicht mehr hier bist? No one cares, and no one knows, how proud I was about you. Aber Stolz macht mir krank, kann ich nicht mit dir sein? Wo schläft deine Kreis? Wo sind deine Freunde, dein Preis?
Wusste ich nicht sowieso wie viele Leute man brauchte, um glücklich zu sein und etwas zu sein.
And I don't need anything else, I just need to pass away. Go everywhere else, travel to nowhere, where I was born. To sleep in the past, to appear before my existence and fall apart. And nothing else matters, nothing else is going to happen.
Wo sind deine Eltern? Wo bist du? Bist du verloren? Obwohl du das verdienst, Ich würde dir gerne helfen.
Kill my lungs, fuck my heart, because it seems for the last time that I'm doomed to be lost inside, ignored from the past, look forward and run, and stay calm. Nothing will ever get me together, I'm broke into pieces you have been hiding from the ones that care, as known as no one, nowhere. 
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